The Eight Auspicious Symbols

This booklet is an easy guide to the sacred symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and a precise instruction manual for drawing and painting them. They are traditionally painted on doors and walls in preparation for New Year celebrations. Monks and nuns draw them with chalk or flour at entrances of monasteries as welcome signs for visiting lamas and dignitaries.

The symbols are also displayed on banners and found on shrines in most homes and monasteries. They decorate both secular and sacred objects: from embellished metal work on statues, silk brocades and jewellery to wooden furniture and carpets.

Originally the symbols were offered to Buddha Shakyamuni by the Hindu gods as an acknowledgement of his achievement of a higher state of consciousness.

The accompanying text explains their symbolism and meaning on both the outer and subtle levels. This booklet is ideal for all students of sacred art, regardless of tradition, and from beginners to the advanced.





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