Buddha Maitreya

MAITREYA (Tib: Jampa)



MAITREYA (Tib: Jampa)

The name Maitreya means selfless love. The name of Maitreya was given to the monk Sthiramati because of his concern and dedication for others happiness. According to predictions, this bodhisattva will become the future Buddha and start the new world age based on the practice of patience, love and tolerance. Depicted as the future universal ruler he sits on a throne while his hands, in the teaching gesture, hold the stem of two lotuses. On these flowers the Dharma wheel and the vase indicate that his teaching will contain both sutra and tantra. The auspicious banner of protection hovering above his head symbolizes that Maitreya will embrace and protect all those who show pure devotion and faith in him and his message.

© Andy Weber 1985

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