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Chittamani Tara Mandala


CHITTAMANI TARA MANDALA ( Tib: Chenrezig khyil.khor)

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CHITTAMANI TARA MANDALA ( Tib: Chenrezig khyil.khor)

Born from a tear of Avalokitesvara, the buddha of compassion, green Tara grants protection and relief from suffering. Called the “mother of all buddhas”, she promises assistance when called upon and is see as an embodiment of active compassion. The three outer rings (fire, vajras, petals) protect the inner sanctuary, her palace and the practitioner of this particular highest yoga tantra. Cittamani Tara is symbolized by the seed syllable TAM in the centre and her ten syllable mantra (Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha) turning anti clockwise. The Mandala is used for initiation and meditation purpose only and its viewing is regarded as a blessing.

© Andy Weber 2008

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