Compassion Mandala

MANDALA OF COMPASSION ( Tib: Ning.jae khil.khor)



MANDALA OF COMPASSION ( Tib: Ning.jae khil.khor)

The Mandala of Compassion is based on the five Dhyani buddhas representing the transformation of the five major delusions into the five wisdoms with the development of compassion as the main focus. The central flower, symbol of Amitabha transforms passion into compassion. The vajra, the symbol of Akshobya, transforms ignorance and stupidity into the wisdom of the all-pervading awareness. The flaming jewel, the symbol of Ratnasambhava, transforms pride into the wisdom of equality. The Dharma wheel, the symbol of Vairocana, transforms anger into the mirror like wisdom. The sword, the symbol of Amoghasiddhi transforms jealousy into the all-accomplishing wisdom.

The four universal guardians represented by their symbols sit at their gates. The three outer rings (fire, vajras and petals) protect the inner sanctuary, the palace of the Dhyani Buddhas. This Mandala is used for initiation purpose only, its viewing is regarded as a blessing and protection for oneself.

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