Kalachakra (In Brocade)

All ornaments and designs in the brocades have been embellished with pure gold. A rare and unique opportunity to own a real piece of art and close to the original as possible.



Kalachakra means the “Cycle of Time”, which means that this practice can ‘Turn the Wheel of Time’ in order to create a positive alternative future in our inner and outer worlds. Traditionally Kalachakra promotes world peace, unity and tolerance. In this painting, the focus is on our outer environment, which has reached a tipping point and the urgent need to hasten collective action. This thangka reveals of what we need to do for Mother Earth.

Kalachakra and his consort Vishvamata represent the alternative positive future of a golden age. Both depicted above planet Earth, together with the Great Earth mandala; the Jambudvipa. The four symbols of Jambudvipa represent the elements of Form: Wind, Fire, Water and Earth, contained within a circle of light that represents the Space Element; together they have the capacity to create or destroy form. We humans must take care of these elements, to sustain us in a golden era of peace. Creating the causes for this, Kalachakra and Vishvamata manifest an aura in the form of the Great Elements, inspiring us to unite and turn the Wheel of Time to safeguard our environment. Mount Meru is superimposed on Mt Kailash to signify the link of this world to Shambala – the perfect kingdom or perfected state of mind. The image has a miniature representation of Raudrachakrin, the great Shambala warrior, who will lead us at this decisive time towards the future.


The original Thangka was entirely painted using natural mineral pigments and pure gold to reflect the beauty of Mother Earth. It carries the following dedication on the back:


The path to Shambala is found by recognising collective karma.

Uniting around equanimity and equality of resources.

Reversing the damage, we have created in the environment.

Taking care of the Elements, to sustain us all in a golden era of peace.

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Brocade 108x152cm (+£645.00)