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Since the earliest days of Buddhism until today, visual aids have played an important role in conveying the spiritual teachings to lay, and mostly uneducated , population in India. In modern-day Nepal or India it is not unusual to come across a wandering monk or ascetic who spends his time travelling from village to village with a scroll painting depicting the Wheel of Life, or else a deity under his arm. Upon arrival into any given village he quickly becomes the focus of attention for all those wanting to hear news from the surrounding countryside and distant towns. Unrolling his tangkha (literally “written record”), he both entertains and educates the crowds as he explains its meaning, at times in ordinary prose, at others in memorable verse or song. As this example illustrates, Buddhist art and Buddhist teachings have always journeyed hand in hand, where the spread of one only supports the transmission of the other.

All sacred images are known in Tibetan as, ten meaning support and pa object. In other words, such images support the faith and spiritual experience of practising Tibetan Buddhists. For this reason, the act of creating a sacred image symbol alone is seen as meritorious. Therefore I advise my students to follow the instructions and grids as closely as possible.

Please treat all images drawings with respect, since the images contain the teachings and realisations of the enlightened ones and are important to all those who follow the path. While simple explanations are provided with the images – a deeper, perhaps more subtle, understanding can arise through the experience of meditation and receiving direct teaching from lamas. 

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Please notice the unique new DHARMA ART STUDENT MEMBERSHIP option for studying the sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism under my guidance. It is offered specially to long-term students who want to get deeply involved and spread the costs over a longer period. Rather than paying for courses and videos upfront, students can spread the costs over a whole year.

OPTION 1.) Become a member and pay a monthly fee of £ 21 and you have and will have access to all instruction videos. Included in this membership is a reduction for live zoom classes in the future. Plus I would be more inclined to answer your questions and give personal guidance in your growth as a spiritual artist. Within reason – I need to add.

OPTION 2.) Watch the individual courses and videos. They are offered at different prices between £35 and £ 87, depending on their duration. Some are 15 hours long! This option is mainly for students who have gained enough experience and need to learn new deities or refresh their memory how to use real gold.

For long-term students option 1 is the best as the costs are spread out over the year. It is less than $ 1,- (£.0.70) per day.

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