Keys to the sacred Art of Tibet

Tig.le is a Dharma Publishing house born out of the vision of the artist Andy Weber and his long-time student Anton Gispert. Its sole purpose is to make Andy’s teachings available to both novice and advanced students of Tibetan Sacred art.

Tig.le is supported by a large family of like-minded spiritual artists, authors and students of Buddhism working together to spread the Dharma in its many different forms. When one candle lights another, its flame does not diminish but increases. With your support Tig.le can light up the universe.


The Eight Auspicious Symbols

This booklet is an easy guide to the sacred symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and a precise instruction manual for drawing and painting them. They are traditionally painted on doors and walls in preparation for New Year celebrations. Monks and nuns draw them with chalk or flour at entrances of monasteries as welcome signs for visiting lamas and dignitaries.


Cittamani Tara & The Twenty One Taras

The second booklet in our series is an instruction manual for drawing and painting Cittamani Tara and her 21 manifestations, one of the most popular practises among Tibetan Buddhists. Tara is the most important female Buddha and her images can be found in every monastery and temple throughout Central Asia.