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Dear Dharma friends and fellow artists,

Wishing you all the best for the next year 2021.

What a strange year the last one has been, but it gave us all the opportunity to be with ourselves and learn about Dharma and its art. We had 5 Zoom courses for various continents. My last Zoom class was for Australia/NZ and SE Asia, where Matthew and I had to work thru the night to catch the morning light over there. The main subject last year was “Prajnaparamita” as the Wisdom deity to overcome the pandemic and our personal problems and obstacles.

Followed by the course on “canvas and pigments”. Then followed by “painting techniques and gold” where we lost the recording of the first day. All courses are watchable now on my website. The lost recordings will be repeated in due time and then put on my website.

In the coming new year I intend to focus on a class of “Mandala of Five Elements”, and teach in all three time zones simultaneously. The times might be a bit odd for some students and artists – but the intension is that we do this for the planet in the external world and internally for ourselves to strengthen our elements. You may have done the mandala before but I request you to join in – as we are not doing for ourselves alone. My vision is to have numerous mandalas all over the world painted at the same time. We will use the mantra and meditation sessions to empower ourselves. The world is in need, we need it too. That should happen before Tibetan New Year in February.

After Tibetan New year I want to teach a master class on Buddha Shakyamuni, from drawing the face to the painting and even the tailoring of the brocade.

I look forward to meet you all again on the virtual plane. Thank you for your support – we have a lot more work to do.

Love and in the Dharma, Andy Weber

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