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Fame at Last

"Fame at last" - Manchester City fans celebrating their league win next to an old art print of mine of Buddha Shakamuni. The poster is outside of their museum. How wonderous how the sacred images spread on a subtle level to many humans even hardened football fans.



Friday 17th & Saturday 18th of September


Course Leader: Andy Weber

The promised follow-up course for the recent “Mandala of Medicine course”, which will demonstrate the painting techniques used in mandala painting. Once learned or watched you can attempt any mandala painting in the Tibetan Buddhist iconography The pandemic does not seem to go away and the present global situation indicates more and more the imbalance and huge gap between the rich and poor countries. How many millions have died and are dying in India and Nepal, we will sadly never know. Now with the recent events in Afghanistan the imbalances in the world have even increased.
Buddha Shakyamuni himself in the palace of Tanatuk taught this mandala, when he taught the four medical tantras. It is important that we work on our inner being by balancing our inner and outer mandala and then find a new way of existence. We have to adopt the new approach to our life. Never before has humankind been in such a difficult extreme situation.

Andy Weber’s wish is that all his new and old students paint in the future (if possible) the Mandala of Medicine Buddha all around the globe. This will be taught only once and even if you don’t want to draw and paint it, keep the information for your future work.

This ZOOM COURSE is very rare. It will be suitable for the American and European students foremost. but also for his SE. Asian and Australian students. Due to the time change the SE. Asian and Australian/NZ students will be vis the recording.



FRIDAY: Introduction lecture and Meditation, recitation of the mantra and drawing the mandala

UK: 17 pm – 21pm

Europe: 18pm – 22pm

USA: PST 9am – 13pm, EST 12 –15pm or PST 15 -19pm, EST18 – 22pm

INDIA: 22.30pm – 2.30am

AUSTRALIA: Saturday 2am – 6 am

SATURDAY: Drawing session 1 and 2

UK 17 -21pm

EUROPE: 18 to 22pm

USA: PST 9am – 13 pm, EST 12pm – 16pm.

INDIA: 22.30pm – 2.30am

AUSTRALIA: Sunday 2am – 6am

TRANSLATION: Hopefully we will have simultaneous translation at a certain cost that we will divide by the people who require it. This cost will be added to the amount that we offer Andy for the course that he will teach.


DONATIONS: sliding scale £ 50, E. 60, US $ 70, Aus.$ 90. Dharma art student members get a discount of 50%

SPANISH STUDENTS: Please pay Anton via PayPal, and he will then register you for the course.


AUSTRALIAN & S.E. ASIAN STUDENTS WILL BE SEND THE RECORDINGS THE FOLLOWING DAY – it is impossible for to demonstrate the painting techniques during the night. Old age has caught up with me. Any questions will be answered via emails or whatsapp (+44) 7799220219

Andy Weber & Matthew

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The Sacred Art of Tibetan Buddhism: understanding art as "" as "objects of support" with Andy Weber

London Time:- Saturdays, Oct 30, Nov 6 & 13, 11am–2pm EDT ONLINE

GMT:- London

30/10/21:- 16:00 - 19:00
06/11/21:- 15:00 - 18:00
13/11/21:- 16:00 - 19:00

All Buddhist art is considered by practitioners as “”, which translates to ‘objects of support’. “Ten” meaning support and “pa” object. The question is: how do they support us exactly. This lecture series will shed light onto the sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism and, ultimately, the nature of our true existence.

Lecture I: BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI – Introduction into the Sacred Art of Tibet.

This lecture will focus on the image of Buddha Shakyamuni, its deep symbolism and its relation to the vast iconography of Tibetan Buddhism. Andy will teach students how to ‘read’ the image and how to use these insights in one’s personal life and daily practise. Only through such knowledge, the object becomes sacred and meaningful.

Lecture II: WHEEL OF LIFE – The essence of the Buddha’s teaching.

How do Buddhists perceive reality not only over life times, but also indeed from moment to moment in their existence? How are beings bound to endless cycles of life, death and rebirth? How do practitioners relate to the message of this image and use it as daily inspiration and guide. This lecture will shed light onto this extraordinary image, displayed outside temples and monasteries to remind visitors to the sacred site of their purpose and reasons for entering.

Lecture III: VAJRASATTVA – the Buddha of Purification as commonly known.

This lecture will explore the deeper symbolism of the deity, his ornaments and ritual tools he is holding. How do we relate to ‘deities’ and why? What is purification on the various levels of tantric practice? This lecture will reveal the reasons for the existence of sacred art and emanations of the deities.

Important Note This is an online-only event that is administered using Zoom, as the center is currently closed due to COVID-19. Zoom is an interactive video-conferencing tool that allows participants to see one another and ask questions. You will need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with the Zoom application to attend.

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Registration / Schedule Suggested: $30 per session Other offering options: free to $40

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Future events TBA

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