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SACRED ART – ANCIENT TRADITIONS Time: 14th, 15th, 16th August - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

USA & Europe

As Tibet was cut off from the rest of the world until the Chinese invasion in 1950ties, the sacred art of Tibet developed over the centuries with little influence from the outside world. The craft aspects of this tradition were kept simple and close to nature. This unique course will give students the opportunity to be informed and learn about these ancient traditions, ranging from traditional canvas making to the richness of natural colours.

This knowledge forms the basis of tangkha painting and will help stud to understand the painting techniques; even students may use more modern art materials. I intend to pass on my entire knowledge onto the next generation. That means also my knowledge how to use stone colours.

Natural colours can be purchased in specialized shops, they can come in raw form or already ground up in small glass jars, paper pouches or bags. My most recent purchases have been made in various countries but you can order them online. Each stone or plant colour have their own characteristic and differ treatment and application.

As this knowledge is very specialized, I can only invite former students to this course. Unless unique reasons and motivation to attend can be explained.

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August 2020

The course will use the Mandala of Five Elements to learn about drawing and painting techniques. either with the knowledge gained in the previous course or with modern art materials. Attendance is therefore limited to those who have attended the previous course.
The philosophy of the five elements formed the basis for Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, which later was in cooperated into Tibetan Medicine. This Mandala was used to explain the relationship between the diseases and their treatments, and symbolizes the creation of the universe and therefore that of a human being.


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Future events TBA

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