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SACRED ART – ANCIENT TRADITIONS- PART 2 Scheduled for 9th - 11th. OCTOBER Time: Friday: 19 – 22 pm (Est: 20 – 23pm) Saturday: 10 – 12pm (Est: 11 – 13.30pm) 14 – 17pm (Est: 15 – 19pm) Sunday: 10 – 14pm (Est: 11 – 14pm)

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FOLLOW UP COURSE FOR THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE CANVAS & PIGMENTS and the PRAJNAPARAMITA COURSE As Tibet was isolated from the rest of the world until the Chinese invasion in the 1950ties, the sacred art of Tibet developed over the centuries with little influence from the outside world. The craft aspects of this tradition stayed simple and close to its environment. This unique course will give students the opportunity learn about these ancient traditions, ranging from painting techniques to preparing real gold for decorations and the jewellery.

ALL STUDENTS - This knowledge forms the basis of tangkha painting and will help to understand the painting techniques and methods, even students may use modern art materials.

1.) Transferring the image or drawing the image directly on the canvas.

2.) Practice of painting techniques and outlining

3.) Preparation of pure gold and burnishing

4.) Blessing symbols on the back of tangka

Natural colours can be purchased in specialized art shops. They can come in raw form or already ground up in small glass jars, paper pouches or bags. Each stone or plant have their own characteristic and differ in treatment and application, which occupied the previous class.

DONATIONS: Sliding scale E75 - E 100. Nobody will be turned away to lack of funds. Please pay Anton via Paypal, and he will then register you for the course.. We had to increase the donations due to high material costs for this course. Please pay Anton via Paypal, and he will then register you for the course.

ZOOM CONTACT: Anton: Anton will send you the information via email after you have registered. Please print them out. You will be given the Zoom meeting number and pass code prior to the course. This will be a LIVE – online course

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